The Plan!


Soooo the plan! what is the plan you ask? well the plan is ever changing! but basically this last week saw me create my website, after releasing my latest expansion to my mod, and when I was stumbling through my old assets and projects, I found some old games I made, most are unfortunately not runnable executable files as they are for windows XP or so! (that's how old some of these projects are) 😕

  • Pac-man from Hell (Old game-maker pac-man style game but with a dark twist)
  • Destiny (Old RPG-Maker, RPG with combat and exploration)
  • ThanatosRO (An Emulated Ragnarok Online (MMO) server)

But I also found some that worked! One in particular was a flash game, I made and developed back in University called: Solar Explorer, a simple game where you explore the solar system with a kitted out NASA space shuttle, its janky, has mismatched assets and some glaring bugs but it functions! has boss battles! and a complete game loop! and was no-where near finished compared to the actually design of the game!

But  this week also saw me complete the 'Swords and Shovels' Unity Game Dev Course: Programmers Path! Which is also in a similar situation! It has spawning waves of monsters, item drops, inventory, a butt ton of bugs and odd interactions but its playable, its fun and quirky!

So what do these have in common? there both sort of quirky little game projects I've finished up and designed, they lack polish and definitely need more work done to them but in the interest in finishing projects and releasing them, I decided i'm going to do two things! I'm going to recreate Solar Explorer in Unity, it's currently built in flash, which is getting more and more obsolete every day where as in Unity, it'll be redesigned in 'C#' and I can fix all those quirky flash related bugs and look to polish it up and release it side by side with its archaic counterpart!

And secondly, I plan to polish up 'Swords and Shovels' while most of the assets and stuff I used were provided from the course downloads, all the programming was done myself with the lecturers guidance, so I plan to expand upon the code and implement a more polished Driscoll Creations style experience! Then release a working build for playing it on my website (under-construction) and to download and play locally!

See you in my next post!



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