Solar Explorer - Day 1

Hello, Fellow Explorers!

As mentioned in my previous post, I said I was going to set out to rebuild one of my old flash games in Unity, Solar Explorer, and so far things are going pretty well!

I've successfully imported the assets to a new environment and managed to get the space shuttle animating, moving and created a particle system for the thrusters!

For those of you that are rather observant and have played the flash game, you'll probably realise that in the old flash game had cartoonish looking flames but for whatever reason, the assets for these weren't saved in with the others, suspecting me to believe they were made directly in Flash as a particle, so using Unity's particle systems, I created a more modern looking set of thruster flames, blending new and old graphics!

I also spent some time, scoping out the 'Minimum Viable Product' for what I needed to do to get this fully functioning and playable in Unity. This will help me stay focused and help create a fluid development checklist! Once these are done, I can play test and further refine the project to a completed state once the game-play is satisfactory.

That's all for today.

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See you in my next post!



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