Minecraft Mondays! But on Tuesdays...! Explorercraft Update News!

Hello, fellow Crafters!

Today's post is a little update on Explorercraft mod!

I've just released and uploaded a new update for the 1.12.2! The main part of the update is the fact I've added it so that horse can now swim across water with the player still on his back! I'm not sure how realistic this is but boy is it much more satisfying and makes exploration and completing maps so much easier!

The idea for adding this came after playing a vanilla session of 1.14.2 with my friend to try out the Village and Pillage content, I went exploring in both the windows 10 and java edition and got thoroughly annoyed at the inability to ride a horse around the world because soooo many rivers spawn and you get kicked off your horse! WELL NO MORE! I've added it so that if you are riding a horse and its in water, it will now swim and not kick you off, this can be turned off from the config in case it conflicts with other mods. So finally, all you explorers who like to ride across the world without your damned horse kicking you off every 30 seconds when you encounter a river, can do so now!

Get the mod here: Explorercraft

Village and Pillage (1.14.2) News:

Updates for 1.12.2 will most likely be drip fed from now on primarily because I've managed to start development on updating the mod to 1.14.2! 

So far, its literally just a prototype development environment where I have all the ID's setup and can launch a mod and I've got this wonderful block in the game:

But i've literally only spent around an hour or two on it so far and that was primarily making sure forge installed correctly and my IDE was setup properly!

So i'm hoping to be able to get most of the blocks and items added to the game with relative ease however, i've heard worldgen was completely changed and is in early days, so the new biomes and ore gen, especially structures might not be re-added into the mod for awhile until I figure out! But that's the fun of development!

But that's all for now!

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See you in my next post!



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