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Hello, fellow Crafters!

Today's post is a little update on Explorercraft mod!
I know the blog posts have been quiet for the last 2 weeks or so, i've been on vacation! but I've come back and started working on my projects again! The last couple of days I've been programming and re-adding the items from the 1.12 version to the 1.14 version and that's been coming along smoothly! 1.14 has most certainly changed how the game has to be programmed!

However, i've been trying to make the game look much more consistent with the artwork as when I was initially making the mod, in order to focus on programming, I reused vanilla assets and simply recoloured and tweaked a lot of the tools and other items but I don't want that for the newer version, I was a more completed and unified project that's in my art-style! 

So here are some screenshots of the new and the old for comparison:

But that's all for now!

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See you in my next post!


Get the mod here: Explorercraft


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